In a word…well, two …the answer to “Why Reality Works?” is proven success.

Our executives proved their inside sales and Sales 2.0 principles and practices in the real world before starting Phone Works or joining the team.

  • Created Oracle Direct, quite possibly the highest-performing inside sales team in the history of the software industry
  • Doubled sales within a year
  • Contributed more than one-third of company revenues through inside sales
  • Scaled a telesales team four-fold within two years
  • Advised the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, DEC, IBM, Dell, American Express, GE, Merck, Glaxo, Midland Bank (UK) and Commonwealth Bank (Australia) in the use of phone and Web-based sales

Since founding RealityWorks, we have built, tested or accelerated more than 450 inside sales teams.  A taste of their results?

Why else would you hire Reality Works?  Because we can repeat these kinds of results for your team and we can do it more efficiently than you can on your own.

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