Jump on a market opportunity. Try out a new strategy. Do it without committing significant resources. That’s what our Pilot Test program can do for you.

We can provide you with instant market information, uncover revenue opportunities, and do it without costing a fortune or affecting your daily operations. Our experienced sales managers react quickly and aggressively to changing market conditions.  They can…

  • Demonstrate how inside sales can impact your revenues
  • Find early adopters for alpha and beta products
  • Test a new product on target prospects and customers
  • Validate new marketing messages
  • Experiment with new customer approaches
  • Gather market data before committing resources
  • Collect customer feedback on products and services
  • Establish key performance indicators to calibrate sales performance measures
  • Test plays and refine value propositions
  • Sign up customer references to help recruit new customers
  • Define the ideal sales candidate profile for staffing your permanent team
  • Recruit channel partners for reaching a larger number of customers

Have an opportunity that requires fast action and short-term resources?  Let us test it and deliver results now.

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