Ever heard the phrase “more art than science”? Doesn’t apply to the world of Sales 2.0.

At Phone Works, we’ve seen how measurement and methodology – following proven plays and tracking results – lead to predictable, repeatable, scalable results.  That’s not art…it’s science.

We developed the Sales 2.0 Scorecard to measure and compare our clients’ performance against top-performing organizations’ results.  Used before, during and after an engagement, it highlights areas for improvement.

We measure and monitor…

  • Number of contacts and productivity against established goals
  • Sales and Marketing ROI – MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) conversions to SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) to close
  • Campaigns and social media to determine what’s working and what’s not

How can we help you?

Measure and accelerate your existing inside sales team.
Build and measure a new inside sales or lead generation team.
Test a new sales process, message or product, and measure how well it works.

Results Highlights

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