Reality Works “gets” lead generation. We’ve written the job descriptions. Created the strategies. Honed and proven the procedures that get results.

Your sales reps have better things to do than find their own leads.  Phone Works can help you set up a highly efficient, cost effective lead generation and qualification team in about three to four months.  Learn more

Already have a lead gen team? Wonder if they could be doing more or better qualifying leads?  We can assess what they’re doing, test new approaches and help accelerate results.

Here’s what one of our clients did with their Phone Works-built lead generation team in just one month.

OuterBay Technologies
Lead Gen Results – Month
Activity Number Percent
Attempts 379
Contacts 79 21
A Leads 9 11
B Leads 10 13
Projected closes 2 10
Pipeline Built $1,600,000
6-month ROI $85,000










Results Highlights

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