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5 Reasons to Guest Blog on The Sales 2.0 Advocate

12 August 2010

Have a Sales 2.0 idea to share? I am actively seeking guest bloggers! I’ve spent 18 months doing the lion’s share of writing on this blog, which I’ve enjoyed immensely. However, adding diverse ideas and opinions through the addition of other expert voices — such as Brent Holloway’s post on measurement and morale, David Satterwhite’s on the freemium model, and Chad Levitt’s on sales reps becoming better marketers — makes the blog all the more interesting and valuable.  To that end, I aim to evolve into a content curator rather than just a writer.

You may have considered blogging but have company restrictions, or you don’t want to make the commitment to regular daily or weekly posting. Or perhaps you’re an active blogger already. In any case, there are many benefits to being featured on The Sales 2.0 blog:

1. Establish Your Sales 2.0 Expertise

Blogging gives you a platform for demonstrating your leadership and knowledge of innovative and proven sales practices and technology, both inside and outside your company.

2. Build Your Personal Brand

You can establish your brand as a Sales 2.0 thought leader by appearing here.

3. Advance Your Career

Differentiate yourself from other candidates — for internal promotions or new job opportunities — by including links to your blog posts.

3. Share and Compare Ideas

Blogging provides the vehicle for sharing thoughts, getting input from like-minded professionals and engaging in stimulating online conversations.

4. Increase Your Reach

The Sales 2.0 Advocate is syndicated to many sites, including The Customer Collective and Customer Think, which puts your name in front of a large audience of sales and marketing executives. Posts also appear on my Amazon author page, and are publicized (“socialized”) on Facebook (Anneke Seley, Phone Works and Sales 2.0), Twitter (@annekeseley, @phoneworks) and LinkedIn (Anneke Seley, Sales 2.0 Community group, Telebusiness Alliance group).

5. Have Some Fun!

I find blogging not only helps me clarify my thinking, but it’s also a fun and creative way to express myself.

Sales Exec David Satterwhite put it well: “As executives, we only get to do one job at a time. Advising, through blogging, gives you an opportunity to reach outside your current assignment. It’s beneficial to share ideas with colleagues in the market place.”

And co-author of Sales 2.0 Brent Holloway says, “… you get your name out there as an ‘expert,’ and it helps you solidify and organize your thoughts on a specific subject.”

Have an idea for a guest post? Comment below, or send me an e-mail!