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We are strategists who also roll up our sleeves

Our services help you design, build, improve or expand your next generation digital/social sales and inside sales teams.

New clients start with a Reality Check project. This allows us to explore the options for getting you to your ultimate goal:

  • developing the business case or next fiscal year business plan for next generation sales
  • building your sales organization from scratch
  • adding a lead qualification (sales development) or customer success team
  • designing a scalable sales enablement program
  • transforming your sales model to increase opportunity while managing cost
  • adding account-based or social selling capabilities, or
  • putting specific revenue-generating improvements in place

The Reality Check deliverable is a presentation documenting our objective, expert assessment of your revenue generating organization, prioritized recommendations for launch or improvement and the resources and implementation plans and budget to get you there.

Our approach looks like this:

Our Approach 1

Gather Information (1-5 days*)

  • Review information and reports: company, product, marketing, sales, customers
  • Assess what your customer experiences when they visit your website or call you

Group Interview Sales, Marketing, & Executive Team (1/2 day-2 days*)

  • Collect additional information
  • Address burning questions
  • Interview additional stakeholders (e.g. in Human Resources or Information Technology)

Analyze and Prepare Findings (up to 10 days*)

Present Findings, Recommendations, Next Steps (1 day*)

  • Deliver presentation
  • Lead discussion on priorities and address questions
  • Agree on next steps, how to get there, dependencies and cost

Contact us to get started now

*The time required varies according to the size and complexity of your organization. Most Reality Checks can be completed in two weeks or less.

Reality Check FAQs

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions. But don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Do we have to meet face to face?

The project can be done by phone, Skype, web conference or in person. If you have an existing team, we suggest an in-person working session that allows us to observe your front-line staff in addition to spending time with management. Hearing your reps having conversations with customers, using processes and systems, gives us valuable information.

What is the deliverable?

The Reality Check deliverable is a customized executive-level presentation and discussion of our recommended approach. Our recommendations are prioritized by expected return and other factors based on your goals: typically a combination of highest revenue impact and achievement of strategic company goals, lowest risk, and ease of implementation.

How much does it cost?

The price ranges by company and your requirements, but typically is $35,000-$155,000.There may be additional T&E (travel and entertainment) costs for projects requiring meetings outside the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our aim is to keep the fee low enough to get started quickly, demonstrate our value, and give you the confidence that we are the right “fit” for working together on future projects. You have the flexibility to decide how and if to move forward at the end of the project.

What comes next? What do we do after the Reality Check?

Once we have your agreement on our recommendations and priorities, we will have the information we need to give you a quote for additional projects.
Here are some recent examples:
  • Build or improve your quota-carrying inside or hybrid sales team
  • Build or improve your lead qualification or sales development team
  • Define social selling practices and integrate with existing sales processes
  • Test inside or social selling and show results (proof of concept)
  • Enable your team with training, coaching, or playbooks by role
  • Recruit the right team
  • Implement appropriate technology and tools
  • Define, integrate and align sales and marketing processes
  • “Sell” inside sales to your field sales organization or executive team
  • Provide on-demand advisory services
  • Create thought leadership content (writing and speaking)

How much does project implementation cost?

It depends on the project and how much you’d like us to manage. If you have in-house experts and we are augmenting your staff for a few key projects, the cost is typically in the $55,000-$125,000 range. If we are building your entire sales and marketing team from scratch, that number will be higher.

How do we make sure projects stay on track? How do you communicate progress?

We provide weekly status reports by phone, e-mail, project management application or other online communication preferred by you. These reports cover accomplishments, results and progress toward measurable objectives in the implementation plan and issues or roadblocks needing your attention.

Why do we have to start with a Reality Check? We know what we need; we just want you to implement.

Starting with the Reality Check ensures we are all on the same page, working toward agreed-upon goals and priorities following a documented planned approach. The Reality Check deliverable gives us a focused roadmap summary with timelines, assignments and budgets. Sure, we will confirm what you already know. And, given our expertise and experiences with hundreds of companies, we uncover additional issues and opportunities you may not have recognized – and help you avoid costly mistakes or missed upside. The Reality Check process also engages your team and promotes buy-in – for us as your partner as well as our recommendations and future direction– which is important to the success of future projects and your revenue stream.