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Social Selling: How Companies are Transforming Sales

03 September 2014


Liz Gelb-O’Connor and I will be speaking together at the upcoming Social Shake-Up conference in Atlanta September 15-17. Liz will be sharing her experiences introducing social selling to ADP’s inside sales team. I will be channeling my inner Terry Gross and asking the interview questions. Come join us September 17 for our 11:45 session. Then join us for lunch.

Liz  is the VP of Sales Strategy and Growth Initiatives for ADP’s inside sales organization but she’s not your typical corporate drone. In her spare time, she writes fiction. Specifically,she is the author of  urban fantasy, paranormal romance and contemporary romance.  If you want to know what that is, check out her first book, Trinity Stones, which I’ve discovered from personal experience is an addictive page-turner, leaving you wanting more (which is why this is the first book of a 12-book series!)

I met Liz at an AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) conference three years ago. We were at the annual awards lunch and she was sitting to my right and Judy Buchholz, who until recently was the top executive for IBM’s North America Inside Sales organization was on my left. I remember that lunch clearly for two reasons.

  1. It dawned on me that I was likely sitting next to two of the most senior and forward-thinking women executives at the conference and possibly even in my field.  (More on the subject of women in sales leadership in another post!) and;
  2. That was the year I was awarded the inside sales lifetime achievement award. Wow, what an honor.

This illustrates the importance of attending conferences like the Social Shakeup.  The awards lunch where I met Liz and Judy was the beginning of two relationships – no, friendships – that keep me excited about the possibilities for inside / digital /social sales after many (20+) years of being a champion for new ways of organizing a sales force and communicating with buyers. And as much as I write, speak, teach and consult on inside selling, from time to time  it is important to show up in person and strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know, as Porter Gale reminded us in her keynote at last year’s Social Shakeup, based on her book, Your Network is Your Net Worth.

You just never know who could be sitting next to you at lunch.

What  questions you would ask Liz if you were interviewing her? What successes and challenges have you had with social selling at your organization?

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More about the Social Shake-Up
The Social Shake-Up will focus on six areas of business that are rapidly changing the way we work: content marketing, the customer experience, future tech, big data, social organization, and C-suite strategy. This isn’t Social Media 101: it’s a dynamic course for those with their hands already dirty, it’s a celebration of the most innovative practitioners and inspired tactics, and it’s a chance for you to acknowledge that even if you’re a strategist, a C-suite executive, or an IT pro, you’re now also an essential creative. Come help us brainstorm new ways to bring it all together and shake it up with us!