What does Reality Works do?

Reality Works builds and accelerates professional inside sales teams to make them successful…fast. We create the tools, practices and systems that give structure and accountability to a company’s entire sales process. We align functions and employ a unique, closed-loop process that ensures your sales people are performing in a proven and consistent manner that provides your customers with a great experience, while you accelerate revenues at decreased sales costs.  More…

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How does Reality Works differ from an outsourced call center vendor?

Reality Works is not an outsource agency. We approach inside sales as consultants and acting managers, defining your sales strategy and building sales teams, tools and processes that you can continue using and scaling as you grow. We believe your sales efforts are core to your success and should be undertaken by highly-skilled, well-trained, loyal professionals whose compensation is linked to your results – not by a phone bank of part-time or temporary script-reading employees with varying skill levels, often working on multiple client projects at one time.

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What does a typical engagement look like?

Engagements generally focus on building or realigning your inside sales team and implementing Sales 2.0 practices. Each follows a general proven formula, customized to your specific needs.  All strive to accelerate lead development and revenues quickly.

Want more specifics?  Choose the one that matches your need.
Build an inside sales team.
Accelerate your existing team.
Test a sales process, strategy, new product or marketing message.

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Does Reality Works work with any type of business?

Our clients range from start-ups to mature businesses, and cover a cross-section of industries, with an emphasis on complex B2B sales and high volume transactional selling.  More…

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How long does a Reality Works engagement last?

Our engagements average three months for start-ups and four months for established firms, although we have done projects that range from a few days to more than a year. Here are the averages for each type of service:

  • Build a new team:  3 – 4 weeks to develop the Plan, plus 10 – 12 weeks for implementation
  • Test: 3 – 4 weeks for program specification, plus a 6-week call/email/social media test to validate the approach, and 6 more weeks to accelerate and gain traction to accurately project results
  • Accelerate:  4 – 8  weeks to assess and make recommendations, plus 4 – 16 weeks to implement, depending on the need, size and complexity of your inside sales group

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Can you help us find top-performing inside sales talent?

Absolutely.  By using our network, online tools and relationships with professional recruiters. We are not professional recruiters, but we do screen candidates and define requirements. We can save you time finding the right people and create attractive, competitive and affordable compensation plans that motivate top performers.

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Can you recommend and help us with Sales 2.0 technologies for our inside sales team?

Yes, we can. We are partners with many of the 2.0 technology companies and our CEO, Anneke Seley, is co-author of Sales 2.0 – Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology, the definitive book on Sales 2.0.  We are familiar with the tools and how to get the best and most use out of them. In fact, we’ve been helping companies make the most of their sales tools since 1991. More…

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