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Is Your Inside Sales Compensation Competitive? Take Our Survey.

05 November 2009

With so many companies embracing phone and Web selling to reach more customers and prospects in a more cost-effective way, we often get asked what it takes to attract – and retain – the best reps.  As markets evolve, competition increases (or changes), and new business, sales models, and sales roles emerge, compensation targets and plan structures change as well.  Since one of the most important deliverables in our consulting practice is a set of comp plans that motivate sales people in various roles while supporting key company objectives, we decided eleven years ago to develop an annual survey, which we offer free on the Phone Works web site, to stay on top of the latest trends. 

The 2009 Inside Sales Compensation Survey is open now.

Here’s why you or your inside sales VP, director, or manager should participate.

You’ll see:

  • early results before the end of the year (for surveys completed before November 13), which will help in your Q1 2010 hiring
  • how comp differs between sales development (lead generation) reps and managers and inside (quota carrying) sales reps and managers
  • how senior inside sales executives – those that have other managers reporting to them – are paid
  • whether outsourcing is “in” or “out” in inside sales
  • the top sales challenges from an inside sales perspective
  • the top challenges with their compensation plans, as reported by inside sales professionals

We respect the confidentiality of each company and individual. Survey responses are completely confidential.  We do not publish individual compensation data; only highs, lows, and averages are reported.

What inside sales compensation trends have you experienced in the last 6-12 months?

What changes are you making in 2010?