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Inside Sales is Not Just for Americans

15 April 2015

Charissa Franklin, my business partner and Reality Works Group VP Client Success and I met while working in Oracle’s International division – among other things, helping our international subsidiaries and distributors start up inside sales. Charissa’s got a Master’s in international business and is conversationally fluent in more languages than I can count. More than half my family lives in Europe (I’m half Dutch) and Charissa lives part time in the south of France.

Oracle hired a VP of International in 1982 when the company had 24 employees, 75 customers and $2.5M in revenues. By the late 1980’s more than half of Oracle’s revenues came from 92 subsidiaries and distributors outside America.

So naturally, when thinking about reaching more customers and finding new revenue generating opportunities, we think beyond the fifty United States.

On April 21 and 22, the largest gathering of inside sales leaders will gather in Chicago at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit. And in spite of the name (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals),  it’s not just for Americans and North American executives any more.

I will be leading an interactive session on inside sales around the world.  Global inside sales leaders and sales leaders coming from outside the U.S. + Erik Hammar, AA-ISP’s VP of International will be joining us to discuss:

  • Why and when to go global and how to get started
  • Location decision factors
  • Pros and cons of centralized vs. decentralized organizations

We look forward to hearing about your plans and experiences. Join us at the session!






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Anneke Seley

May 5, 2015 at 9:17 am - 4 years ago

Please join our community on LinkedIn if you are leading a global or non-U.S. inside sales group: International Inside Sales Leaders.