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Guest Post by Josiane Feigon: Sally has my vote!

26 April 2011

It’s so great to hear the community’s reaction to our announcement of Sally Duby’s change in role at Phone Works. Here’s a particularly nice one, celebrating Sally’s contributions to the inside sales profession, from our friend and partner, Josiane Feigon.  Josiane is President of TeleSmart Communications, author of “Smart Selling on the Phone and Online” and writer of the Cubicle Chronicles” blog, where this post appeared yesterday.

Two weeks from now,  the most influential inside sales experts will gather for AA-ISP’s Leadership Summit in Minneapolis on May 10th and 11th. The line-up of speakers, authors and sessions is impressive. These two days will be packed with information designed to energize and educate you to a new level. If you haven’t signed up, I highly recommend you carve out time to attend this fantastic event. You can even use my promo code “TeleSmart” when registering and get a discount to attend the conference.

One of the highlights of the upcoming  event is the Awards Ceremony, which recognizes some of the most influential inside sales professional. Last year, I was honored with this award and hope to hold on to my crown this year also. But wait, there’s room for more – so Sally Duby gets my personal vote for most influential inside sales professional 2011.

For the past 15 years, Sally has been at the helm running Anneke Seley’s successful company, Phone Works. Her leadership has helped PhoneWorks achieve tremendous growth. She has also been instrumental in developing Silicon Valley’s Telebusiness Alliance which is a thriving professional organizaiton of inside sales managers and directors who meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss trends, compensation, tools, etc.

Sally Duby and Kevin Bacon have one thing in common, everyone revolves 6 degrees around them. Over the years, I have found myself in so many situations where I mention Sally Duby and suddenly, I’m family – everyone knows Sally!  If I ever start a Perez Hilton–type gossip blog or an Entertainment Today show around the inside sales industry, Sally will be my main source.

There’s nothing worse that being misunderstood and the inside sales field is one of the most complicated and confusing industries out there and many people don’t get it. Sally Duby does–inside and out. She knows the field, the people, the processes, the technology and deeply understands how it all changes within seconds. She knows how a company never really believes they have arrived because once they do, it’s time to tear it down and put it back together.

Sally has recently taken on a new position managing the SMB business for Skype, working closely with another inside sales powerhouse, Cathy Sidwell. These two together will transform Skype and make inroads into areas we never thought possible, so I’m excited to see it happen and wish her luck.