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Experimenting with a New Content Approach

12 August 2013

For several years after writing the Sales 2.0 book with Brent Holloway, I was a consistent and disciplined blogger, with a target of  producing at least one blog post every week. This year, I decided to try something different. Given how inundated everyone seems to be with content – and frankly how anxiety-ridden I became trying to keep up with the demands and deadlines of high-volume blogging – I’ve been experimenting with a “quality over quantity” approach to writing this year.  As a result,  I’ve been focused on developing some longer form pieces to address the issues that come up consistently when we speak tobusiness leaders about where revenue generation is headed.

Source: authormedia.com

I am thankful to the leading companies who are investing in “thought leadership” content : material written by an expert in a particular field that does not contain an overt sales message but provides food for thought, helpful business advice and specific action steps on a topic of interest, and in the process attracts potential buyers for a company’s products.

Have a look, for example, at the recently-published free eBook, Inside Sales Success: A Guide for Global Leaders*

* Original version generously sponsored by SAP


Changes in today’s buying and selling behavior have forced companies to rethink the way they build and operate a winning sales organization. This new 35-page eBook provides revenue generation leaders the what, why and how for growing a highly competitive inside sales team.

This short book is a good introduction for those with little to no experience with inside sales (like perhaps your senior management team, board of directors, field or channel sales reps or leaders) as well as those who are veterans or inside sales believers. It addresses the basics (like the difference between pipeline-building and revenue- generating inside sales teams and sales metrics to track) and also covers some new, emerging practices and technologies (like results some companies are seeing from predictive analytics, gamification and social selling.)

If you click on the eBook link, you’ll also see that along with many companies with content marketing programs,  I’m testing a new approach to content distribution, tracking, and analysis using PaperShare, which asks you for your social sign-in rather than the traditional form to capture requester information. (Disclosure: Because I believe that to be an effective social business, it’s essential to provide the revenue-generation team with high quality, practical and share-able content for customers – AND I like the company, its product and its management team -I have joined PaperShare’s Advisory Board.)

Next up (both debuting at the Social Shakeup Conference in Atlanta September 15-17):

  • An interactive workshop and peer exchange on social selling
  • A panel discussion on the revenue results generated from social business programs (including sales, marketing and executive managers from one large global company)

Stay tuned for more details.

What are your experiments and experiences with content? What is generating the best results? What is your personal preference: regular and short blog posts or in-depth content, produced with less frequency? To what media do you gravitate: text, video, audio, in person event?