Marlon Gallimore, Director of Lead Development & Inside Sales, Teradata Corporation

“Thanks to Phone Works and our internal marketing, channel and sales management teams, we hit all our lead development and qualification goals in our first quarter! This is the best start I have ever seen for a new inside sales deployment! ”

Jim Pitkow, CEO, Attributor

“By any measurable means it was a success: 40% would have been a success; 60% would have been a success; 80% is near perfect.”

Jeff Johnson, VP of Sales, Luminate, Inc.

“In an industry where one week can make the difference between market leadership and product failure, Phone Works’ process for getting rapid sales results exceeded our expectations.”

Peggy Cawthon, Manager of Corporate Sales, Documentum, Inc.

“…successful from the start…. We underestimated the complexity of building a telesales organization, but Phone Works …made building the team much easier than if we had done it alone.”

Brock Alston, VP of Sales, Enkata Technologies

“I considered other consultants, but Phone Works had the most experience and best track record in this area by far.”

Thomas Torf, then VP of Sales, Microsoft Office Live Meeting

“Before the Phone Works project, it was tough to accurately forecast sales. Afterwards, I could predict the number of leads that would result from initial inquiries and, of those leads, how many would close… I could predict quarterly results, adjust budget and headcount accordingly, and feed the information back to Marketing.”

Jeff Johnson, Vice President of Sales, Luminate, Inc.

“The new sales model has worked so well, we are committed to implementing it for future products.”

Tom Mendoza, President, NetApp

“Phone Works helped us avoid costly mistakes.”

Terry Opdendyk, Board Member and Investor, Eloquent

“The Jewel of the Company [describing the Inside Sales team]… dramatically improved sales force productivity.”

Andrew Birch, Co-Founder & CEO, Sungevity

“It seemed smart for us to use what Phone Works knows rather than try and discover this ourselves.”

Ned Trainor, President & Co-Founder, BuildSite

“We had to be innovative — the old way wasn’t working.”

Maureen Kelly, Director of Marketing, OuterBay Technologies, Inc.

“I received essential training from Phone Works… like getting ten years of experience in 90 days!”

Andrew Birch, Co-Founder & CEO, Sungevity

“… it’s just that the inside sales model scales geographically.”

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