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The Challenge:  Aspect was already a successful business when Phone Works arrived on the scene.  They had grown from startup to a well-established enterprise, using a traditional field sales model.  But the industry was experiencing explosive growth and Aspect needed a more cost effective, scalable sales model to gain traction and stay in the…


A web-monitoring anti-piracy solution company

The Challenge: Though a veteran of inside sales, when Attributor’s CEO stepped up to lead the fledgling company, he wanted to avoid the mistake made by many startups – ramping up sales efforts without fully understanding their market or their customers. He wondered if he had the right customer-product fit, a repeatable sales process, …


An online product database used by the construction industry

The Challenge: Although BuildSite offers a Sales 2.0 product, they were employing a traditional sales model that they thought would be most effective with their traditional manufacturing customer base.  The problem was the outside sales model – driving from central…

Citrix Online

The category growth leader in Web conferencing

The Challenge: Citrix Online already had an inside sales team of 60 reps when they called in Phone Works to help them accelerate productivity.  They asked us to assess their sales model and strategy, with a goal of increasing revenue while reducing costs.  Right up our…


A data integration software and services company

The Challenge: Already a successful global sales organization in the enterprise software space, Informatica was looking to further increase sales productivity.  Their goal? To gain sales capacity without adding head count.
The Solution: They chose to embrace


Luminate, Inc.

A leading provider of Internet infrastructure management for e-applications

The Challenge: Luminate, which already had a direct sales team for their existing product, needed to introduce a new product and service for a new platform into a new market…quickly.
The Solution: Turn to Phone Works to build a new inside sales team…

Microsoft Live Meeting

A web conferencing company

The Challenge: After the attacks on September 11, 2001 and concerns over air travel safety, Live Meeting found itself flooded with prospect calls. They needed to find an efficient way to follow up and accurately forecast sales.
The Solution: Hire Phone Works to



The “world’s most popular” open source database

The Challenge: Marketing was generating a high volume of inbound leads.  Sales was touching less than 10% of them, resulting in a lack of marketing ROI.  When Phone Works arrived on the scene, the engagement manager discovered that the marketing programs were not attracting the right market.  There was a lack of sales process, tools and…


The pioneer of the “network appliance”– a dedicated, specialized product that performs a single network function

The Challenge: NetApp had just transitioned from a reseller distribution model to a direct sales strategy. Two months later, revenues were falling far short of goals. Their new sales reps had no pipeline and were losing ground on quota. Moreover, these relatively expensive…


An on-demand business execution software company

The Challenge: Looking to boost performance, SuccessFactors called on Phone Works to assess the new inside sales team they set up to target small- and medium-sized businesses.  What we discovered was that the company had a great product and was doing well with larger deals, but the new sales team had…


An innovative home solar systems company

The Challenge: In an industry characterized by a high-cost, labor intensive sales model that is not especially customer friendly, Sungevity, a start-up, wanted to find a better way to sell home solar systems – better for the customer and themselves.  The typical sales process goes like this: Customer schedules an appointment; sales rep travels…

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Terry Opdendyk, Board Member and Investor, Eloquent

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