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How to Increase Your Company’s Investment in Social Selling

03 November 2015

On a Social Media Today’s Best Thinkers webinar, Ben Cathers, Senior Strategic Solutions Consultant at  Hootsuite and Paul Lewis, Global Social Media Manager and Social Selling Lead at Pitney Bowes joined me to share their strategies for “How to Increase Your Company’s Investments in Social Selling.” I asked what kind of investment – in terms of…

Sold! Marketing’s Crucial Role in Social Selling

10 June 2015

Of all the departments to transform into advocates, the sales team – your company’s revenue generators – should be the easiest and most compelling.  Sales quota carriers and business development experts thrive on promoting your brand and products to the outside world. But sales professionals can be especially resistant to learning and adopting new practices…

Experimenting with a New Content Approach

12 August 2013

For several years after writing the Sales 2.0 book with Brent Holloway, I was a consistent and disciplined blogger, with a target of  producing at least one blog post every week. This year, I decided to try something different. Given how inundated everyone seems to be with content – and frankly how anxiety-ridden I became…