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Can a Kinder, Gentler Sales 2.0 Rep Still Make Quota?

30 August 2009

I was in New York last week, attending and speaking on “Tools and Strategies for the New Sales Era“at the CRM Evolution conference. Starting with Paul Greenberg‘s opening keynote, “The Voice of the Customer” and continuing for three days with presentations including Thomas Cates’s  “Relationship Marketing: Client Retention & Loyalty as the New Sales Strategy,”…

Analysts & Management Consultants Weigh in on Phone/Web Selling

04 August 2009

Having been an inside sales manager in a professional era when inside sales was typically thought of as the redheaded stepchild of the sales organization, it’s nice to know that top management consulting and industry analyst firms are recognizing the strategic nature of this oft-misunderstood revenue-producing group. In their article  “Cutting Sales Costs not Revenues,”…

How to Get Prospects to Act: Another Perspective

22 July 2009

Thanks to Jeff Weinberger, who wrote the Afterword for the book, Sales 2.0, for this guest post, which suggests that sales executives share something in common with sustainability and nonprofit professionals: we all need to establish a relationship with our buyers, prospective members or constituents, starting with raising awareness and culminating in purchase or action….

Innovation in Business Practices: Part of the Oracle Culture

02 July 2009

I was honored to be included in the “Conversations with Early Innovators” section of Oracle Corporation’s  Innovation Showcase, which is now being featured on its website along with a 100-day countdown to Oracle OpenWorld. As the founder of Oracle’s inside sales group, I stressed the innovation of Oracle’s business practices while others interviewed focused on…

Lead Scoring 2.0: Measuring Prospect Behavior

24 June 2009

Last month, I spoke to a group of Silicon Valley Chief Sales Officers about Sales 2.0.  After my presentation, I invited the attendees to share some of their approaches to reinventing the way they are selling, given changes in customer preferences, the market and economy.  Bill Binch, VP of Sales and Customer Success at Marketo,…

Transforming a Sales Organization: A True Sales 2.0 Story

16 June 2009

Phone Works is helping the Media Division of a $14 billion communications company completely change the way they sell.  Our client is not unlike many companies, whose growth and margins have slowed or even gone negative in recent years.  What makes our client unique is their willingness to make bold, innovative changes to a traditional…

Social Networking in Sales: Show Me the Money

27 May 2009

Last Thursday at the Sales 2.0 conference in Boston, a sales executive from Microsoft was lamenting the growing popularity of social networking in his sales force.  “My sales people are wasting valuable time on Facebook when they should be selling,” he said in frustration during the final presentation of the day (mine) on Social Networking…