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3 Question Quiz: Test your Inside Sales knowledge

24 August 2011

Think you have a pretty good handle on common inside sales practices? Let’s see how your knowledge compares with results just published from our 2011 Inside Sales Metrics Survey.


  1. What’s the industry average number of inside sales reps per manager?
  2. What’s the average ramp time for new IS reps?
  3. Did high-performing companies – those that achieved 100% of quota in 2010 – have higher or lower quotas than average companies?


  1. The average ratio of IS reps to managers was 9:1.
  2. 5 months…the average ramp time for new IS reps.
  3. You might think high-performing companies had lower quotas, explaining how they could achieve their results, but quite the opposite was true.  According to our survey, on average, high-performing companies had quotas of $9.9M vs. $7.8M. Their success factor?  Their reps made quota nearly 20% more often than reps at average companies.

Want to learn more about what’s happening in the industry and how high-performing IS teams differ from the average? Download any or all of the reports from the survey.  You’ll find breakouts on Inside Sales, Sales Development (Lead Generation), Renewal Operations, and Management Practices.

So how did you do?  How many questions did you get right?  What were your answers?

Hope you had fun with this. A big thanks to all who participated in the survey and especially InsideSales.com and AA-ISP for helping us publicize it.