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We assess, build and improve inside
and social selling teams... making
Next Generation Sales your reality.

Reality Works Group

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Based on research and interviews, our

Learn the 5 Strategies of

Next Generation Sellers

concise executive briefing book covers the

practices of best performing organizations.


Our book defines Sales 2.0 and reveals

Evolve from Traditional

to Modern Selling

how companies can profit from it.


40% increase in sales
$7 million in incremental revenue
15% increase in productivity
with 17% decrease in headcount

First Year Client Results


have chosen to work with us since
we started the company in 1991.
Here are just a few…

500+ clients


We needed more inside sales expertise and knew
we needed to work with outside experts. Given
their backgrounds, extensive client experience and
recommendations by people we trust, we chose
Reality Works Group to implement an improved
inside sales approach to our customers.

– Lauren Chacon, Constant Contact


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5 Strategies to Make Your Business Unstoppable

Is it time for a Reality Check?

A Reality Check helps you achieve your ultimate goal. Here’s how it’s done.

Review & Interview

We discuss your goals and current situation and collect additional information through interviews.

1-2 days

Analyze & Prepare

We compare your company to best performing businesses using data and metrics and prepare our findings.

10-12 days

Present & Recommend

We present and prioritize our recommendations to achieve your goals and agree on next steps.

1 day

Your Reality Check deliverable is a quantitative and qualitative benchmark presentation:

  • Executive Priorities
  • Current Reality Compared to Best Practices
  • Prioritized Recommendations
  • Next Steps | Find Out More